Impact of Celebrity on Entertainemnt as a Form of Communication

Friday, December 01, 2006

The End of a Semester: The Begining of New Discoveries

When I was first told I would be creating a blog that I would post in for the semester I was very worried. I am not a technology savvy person, I have never been great with computers and my strengths while strong in a creative sense were never in writing, let alone writing in a public domain. My worries were eased when I was informed that I would have the opportunity to choose the issue I would write about for the semester. As I thought of all the different topics I could discuss, celebrity infatuation kept popping into my mind. Working for Access Hollywood last summer had initially sparked my interest in why people were so obsessed with stars and their lives. I decided to use my blog as a platform to discuss the celebrity obsession and how it affects different forms of communication. Since I am a communication major I have a deep interest in the topics of discussion a society deems important. In recent years the fascination and discussion of celebrity has become unavoidable. The work presented in my blog looks to discover the implications star worship has about society and how it influences our daily lives.

The work presented here looks at important contributions to the field of communication in relation to entertainment and celebrity. While I feel that I have made a commendable effort to discover people and websites that support my research on stars and entertainment and their influence in my field of study, I know that my blog is not without its faults. My writing style can sometimes be too wordy and repetitive, and I have tried over the semester to combat this problem. I also realize that celebrity interest is not always an academic topic and I have worked hard to present my findings in a scholarly fashion and interesting light. I hope that my blog serves to further your knowledge on star worship and its relation to communication.


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