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Monday, September 18, 2006

Celebrity Obsession Taken Too Far: Understanding the Celebrity Obsessed Mind

As I have discussed in my previous posts celebrity gossip has become a dominant topic of conversation for many Americans. This is due to the public's obsession with celebrity. Stars lives have become such a principal subject of conversation that Americans seem to have forgotten about more pressing matters such as the current economic state of the country or the war in Iraq. Celebrity gossip and news may have started as a lighthearted interest but has slowly infiltrated our everyday lives. People who become too involved in celebrity worship end up endangering not only the stars they are infatuated with, but also their own personal well being.

In an article in Psychology Today, titled The Stalker in All of Us, anthropologist Helen Fishe discusses how those who are deeply obsessed with celebrities often times lie to themselves about the relationships they have with stars. Fisher relates this obsession to a form of powerful romantic feelings. Those that experience theese deep feelings of obsession or romance often times end up with feelings of depression and disappointment because the feelings they have can not be returned. This is one of the many detrimental effects that celebrity worship can have on consumers.

Fascinated by the different effects that celebrity worship can have on ones psyche, I decided to conduct a little more research. As I explored the internet in search of more compelling examples and information about celebrity obsession, I came across two very interesting blogs. The first blog I found and commented on was titled, Aspiring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Bodyguard/Stalker Hybrid Arrested on the website Defamer. This post particularly interested me because it gave an example of a person who had become too interested in celebrities, and how it had affected their psychological state and their everyday life. The second blog post I found interesting was Star Struck, on the website Mind Hacks. This post was incredibly informative because it explained how celebrity worship can effect ones ability to reason, as well as be detrimental to ones cognitive flexibility- the capacity to change ideas and thought processes while problem solving. Both postings dealt with the detrimental effects that celebrity worship has had on the American public. I urge you to read the posts I have commented on and then decide whether or not America's celeb obsession has gone to an unhealthy extreme.

Due to some technical difficulties on the Defamer site my comments unfortunately have not shown up. The original post by Defamer is still fully accessible, and my comments I have posted below.

I find it interesting to see how interest in celebrities can manifest itself into a full blown obsession. The fact that Nelson Mercado would lie about his work experience in order to become closer with stars is a bit discomforting. The use of fake credentials and false certifications from the Department of Homeland Security suggest that Mercado has serious psychological problems. When a person becomes so enthralled with celebrities that they lie about their actual life in order to work for, or get close to those that are famous, there is evidence to suggest that they need medical attention.

Studies have been conducted to measure safe levels of celebrity worship. Mercado seems to identify with some of the warning sign of when celebrity obsession can become dangerous for both the celebrity as well as the stalker. Mercado may be suffering from an inability to distinguish his real life from the life he has created out of his love for celebrities. This posting is a perfect example of celebrity obsession taken too far. I commend you on your efforts to point out the absurdity of Mercado's behavior as well as inform the public of some of the unhealthy realities of Celebrity obsession. It is important to realize that mild celebrity interest can be enjoyable, but if taken to an extreme, it can affect ones psychological health as well as ones personal well being.


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